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The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller, said Steve Jobs.
And Tyrion Lannister repeated something similar about stories in an epic story. Business persons spend an unduly large portion of their time communicating and they have a lot to learn from master storytellers.

Our Storytelling workshops enables participants with tools, techniques and tips to excel at the craft of identifying, creating and narrating stories.

The workshop is divided into three parts that ensures that the participants are given an opportunity to implement and practise the lessons that they have learned in the workshop.

Learning Outcomes


This bucket covers the concepts that are essential for becoming good presenters. In this bucket we cover:

  • Know that information and food behave similarly
  • Know what makes a persuasive message


This bucket covers creating the structure and flow (story) of the presentation and slide design. In this bucket we cover:

  • Understand what makes a good story
  • Learn how to structure a business story and craft  a plot


This is where we put the knowledge to use and adapt the newly acquired skills. In this bucket we cover:

  • Learn the use of metaphors in engaging the audience
  • Establish rapport with your listeners

“I must tell you that the session was wonderful and very helpful. It helped us understand the basic pointers which are going to be helpful in our career…”

A participant working an IT multinational

Program Details

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