Business Writing
Clarity for Action

Bad Writing Is Destroying Your Companys Productivity was the provocative title of an article published in the Harvard Business Review, 81% of business professionals feel that poorly written material wastes a lot of their time.

A culture of clear writing makes managers more productive. It means that the material that ends up on your desk will be clearer too.

This training workshop is built on two fundamental principles of business audience. One, everyone is busy, and two, respect the time and intellect of your reader.

The workshop tackles topics from basic usage to editing techniques and covers a comprehensive list of topics to communicate complex information with clarity & brevity.

Learning Outcomes


This bucket covers the elements that are necessary for the participants to know even before they can start their journey of becoming better business writers. In this bucket we will cover

  • Understand how most people process information
  • Identify the bottom line in a writing task


This bucket covers two dimensions – one, the aspect of structuring their writing and two, writing clear and meaningful copy. In this bucket we will cover

  • Arrange information in a logical sequence
  • Write clear and concise sentences
  • Eliminate the passive voice, wordiness, and redundancy


This is where we put the knowledge to use and apply the newly acquired skills. The participants practise business writing in different scenarios. In this bucket we will cover

  • Minimise word, sentence, and paragraph length without sacrificing clarity or substance
  • Quickly proofread and edit a piece of writing

“The workshop was an eye-opener in more ways than one. It was extremely practical and showed me a new way to think about written communication in the business world.”

A participant working for a global Pharma company


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