Presentation Services
Effective and engaging presentations result in action. And thus they are more than just slides.

Presentation Redesign

We teach what we practice. And we also practice what we teach. Our belief rests on the three principles of memorable communication – simplicity, brevity & clarity.

We offer an expertise in transforming your existing presentations into a more communicable format while maintaining the sanctity of the message. With our team of trained designers, we offer a complete makeover to the decks which includes but not limited to copywriting, formatting to comply with brand guidelines, information design including infographics and everything in between that will enable a presenter to leave a mark.

Experience the Transformation

To get a whiff of this delicacy, send us a sample of 5 slides that we shall convert for you with no obligations. Share your details in the form below or email us at

Presentation Coaching

We live in a world dominated by public speaking. No wonder, Chris Anderson, the Curator, TED & Author of TED Talks – The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking says that “Effective public speaking isn’t an optional extra for the few. It’s a core skill for the twenty-first century.”

Like beauty, we always recognise when we hear or see successful public speakers, even if we can’t always put our fingers on why we like them. So what makes a good speaker? Scholars, from the time of Aristotle to more recently Dale Carnegie, have wrestled with this question for centuries, but deep down, we already know the answer.

This coaching intervention for executives trains and hand-holds them in exactly this. And of course, we also cover speaking to a virtual audience too to cater to the demands of the changed times.

Who is this Coaching for?

When your role is to pitch to investors, shareholders, the public or address town halls for your employees

Emerging Leaders
Effective public speaking is an important tool in a leader’s arsenal, the coaching intervention teaches them to captivate their audiences

High Performers
For a high-potential performer, this coaching intervention helps them enhance their executive presence

To project an image, you have to  appear confident and engage your audience, this coaching will help you

Team Members
When presenting at reviews is a regular part of your calendar, this will help you who update your managers, direct reports, or peers better

Customer-facing Professionals
When your job role calls for speaking to clients and customers on a regular basis, this intervention is for you

Words help influencers shape the opinion of their followers and this coaching allows you to be able to do it effectively

Self Employed
Self-employed professionals who prefer to be coached one-to-one rather than attend public workshops