Impactful Presentations
The Science & Craft of Presenting Effectively

Presentations are ubiquitous in our world today. Whether it is virtual
or face-to-face, effective presentations are not about the software at all, it is about the approach. The challenge is that the development and design of presentations is not intuitive.

Our flagship program is based on our 5P Approach© to Impactful Presentations. This approach is based on years of research and the experience of working with presenters across the globe.

The workshop takes the participants on a learning journey based on three buckets of Foundation, Fundamentals and Function of the skill. It is delivered both in the face-to-face and virtual formats.

Learning Outcomes


The Foundation bucket is about the concepts that are essential for becoming good presenters. This covers things that participants don’t know that they don’t know.

We cover the following

  • Understand how your audience processes information
  • Know the presentation ecoverse


The Fundamentals bucket is the anchor of this program
and covers concepts of story and design, including
the use of PowerPoint.

We cover the following

  • Organise your ideas into a logical flow
  • Learn the Principles of Slide Design
  • Hands-on PowerPoint


The Functions bucket is about putting the knowledge
touse and adapt the newly acquired skills in a
low-consequence environment.

We cover the following

  • Learn the dynamics of engaging delivery
    (Body Language and Voice)
  • Learn techniques to engage your audience
    (in a virtual setting too) 

Thank you for delivering a wonderful & insightful session. Indeed it was an excellent, enriching, helpful, thought-provoking, clear, well- designed, well-delivered, full of knowledge, interesting session.

Sarvesh Garg A participant working an IT multinational

Program Details

If terrible presentations frustrate you, this workshop will help. And seeing what’s in the workshop will strength your confidence that this is the workshop for you. Please fill this small form and we’ll send you a copy of the Workshop Design Document.