Data Presentations
Cutting the clutter

We will live in a world driven by data. Data is the new oil, some say. It would therefore not be entirely incorrect to say data is the new currency of business. And this currency thrives in visualisation. Scott Berinato, author of Good Charts says that visualisation has emerged as our shared language.

Presenters in the corporate world are guilty of using extremely bad examples of data visualisations. And as a consequence most of these presenters fail to engage their audiences. Visualising data well is not a special or a nice-to-have skill anymore; it’s a must-have skill. This skill has to bulwarked by the ability to weave data into a compelling narrative.

The program impresses upon the participants why is important to think beyond the default and start to think visually and communicate through a combination of visualised numbers and text in a well-strung story. And it also tells them how.

Learning Outcomes


This bucket covers the elements that are necessary for the participants to know even before they can start their journey of visualising data for purposes of explanation. In this bucket
we will cover

  • Understand how most people process information
  • Why we visualise
  • Thinking beyond the defaults
  • Understanding exploratory versus explanatory visualisation
  • Numbers versus concepts


This bucket covers two dimensions – one, the aspect of choosing the right visualisation and two, creating an effective slide. In this bucket we will cover

  • The five fundamentals of data visualisation
  • Creating context in data visualisation
  • Avoiding clutter
  • Selecting the right chart
  • Using callouts in charts
  • Fundamentals of data-slide design


This is where we put the knowledge to use and apply the newly acquired skills. The participants practise the visualisation of data in the context of presenting information as a story. In this bucket we will cover

  • Organise your ideas into a logical flow structure
  • Use data to support your narrative

The ability of participants to refine their function
(of the newly acquired skill) is aided through follow-up assignments and challenges.

“From the basics of data viz to some really powerful techniques, this session was an eye opener. I wish it were longer. 5 stars.”

Response from a participant during a session with a global IT firm

Program Details

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