Presentation Services

Presentation Redesign

From proposals to brainstorming meetings, slides are all pervasive in the corporate world. However when good ideas come packaged in ugly, cluttered slides, the gravitas and the strength of the content gets immediately undermined. The result – the message fails to get through.

Our Presentation Redesign services help address exactly this issue. We redesign your slides making them look professional, and pretty. And it always aligns to the specifications laid down in the brand book, something that always gets missed when the timelines are tight. We fix that for you! And when your slides look professional, you feel confident too.

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If you would like to experience a redesign, ask us for a no-obligation transformation of up to five of your slides.

Keynote Services

Presenting on a large stage in front of a large audience is an experience unlike a meeting or a boardroom. And your slides, like you, must be dressed to impress. However in such a situation, the slides are just to support a strong compelling story which amplifies the key points that you like to express.

KNOLedge experts collaborate with our clients to create a presentation that is the coming together of a an engaging story and an eye-catching design. When required, we also support our clients by giving them tips to deliver effectively.

We had the opportunity to assist a number of our clients to effectively deliver their messages through impactful keynotes at national and International conferences.

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Presentation Coaching

We firmly believe that Presentation Excellence (#presoexcellence) is delivered at the intersection of story, design and delivery. This is exactly the thesis behind our coaching, which impresses upon the participants to adopt an entirely new approach to creating presentations.

We help our clients captivate and entrap their audiences by sharpening the message and delivering it with panache and gravitas. We help our participants discover their delivery strengths and coach them to play on it.

The coaching intervention is hands-on and application-driven. The activities and assignments provide an opportunity to apply the newly acquired skills in a controlled, risk-free environment, which further enhances the quality of learning and retention.

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Speech Writing

Writing a speech is just plain writing. Not really! If your speech is not well written, the feedback of its quality is received in real-time. And a well-written speech not just motivates and moves an audience, but stands the test of time. A speech does not have the power of supporting visuals (through a slide deck), so the words must create an imagery.

We would be happy to engage with you or your team mates for a no-obligation consultation call to help you in your next speech. Drop us an email at for setting up a time for a call.



There are various ways we can help you sharpen your communication, to explore such possibilities, reach out to us.