Presentations are ubiquitous in our world today. Like ‘em or hate ‘em, you can not ignore ‘em. Presentations that lead to action fall at the intersection of structure of the content (story), slide design and delivery. Aristotle said this too, however in not so many words.

Effective presentations are not about the software at all, it is about the approach, because contrary to conventional wisdom, presentation development and design is not intuitive. Our program is based on the proprietary KNOLedge 5P Approach© to Impactful Presentations. This approach is based on years of experience of working with presentations and research. We work closely with our clients to customise to their needs.

Each of our programs develops a learning based on three buckets of Foundation, Fundamentals and Function of the skill.


This bucket covers the concepts that are essential for becoming good presenters. In this bucket we cover:

  • Understand how people process information
  • Know the business presentation ecosystem


This bucket covers creating the structure and flow (story) of the presentation and slide design. In this bucket we cover:

  • Organise ideas into a logical structure
  • Understand the mechanics of good slide design


This is where we put the knowledge to use and adapt the newly acquired skills. In this bucket we cover:

  • Use gestures and body language for impact
  • Learn techniques to engage and interact with the audience

Thank you for delivering a wonderful & insightful session. Indeed it was an excellent, enriching, helpful, thought-provoking, clear, well- designed, well-delivered, full of knowledge, interesting session.

Sarvesh Garg A participant working an IT multinational


If you are interested and would like to see more details, just drop your details here and we’ll send you a copy of the detailed Design Document of the program.